Monday, November 16, 2009

Parkour in Istanbul

If Cenk had lived during the reign of the Ottoman empire he would have been highly sought after as a warrior or assassin of the highest class. As it is he rounds out his skill set as a teacher, PHD candidate, quadrilingual, professional stuntman, free runner, inline skater and flamethrower.

His training in Parkour allows him to move through his surroundings effortlessly and gracefully, yet with lightening speed.

Watching him vault and fly over the ancient walls of the Blue Mosque it was easy to let my imagination drift. Evading attacker after attacker, to slip over the sea wall and into the sunset.

Thank you my friend Cenk. You rock.

More Parkour on my website - which has also been updated with a new portfolio from the last two weeks in Europe.


  1. You rock. Amazing stuff mate.

  2. you're doing an awesome job forest. i feel like i get to go on a mini vacation everytime you post something new...thanks.

  3. @Gio thank you sir! and you as well. Italy is high on the list as a possible destination in the next couple weeks....

    @Chad thanks brother! I'd be happy to vacation with you anytime

  4. Not bad at all, but wait till you see me jumping and running through our flat farmlands.