Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wet jeans and out of focus landscapes in the OBX

Somewhere between trying to remember how to calculate my hyperfocal focus and getting drenched in by a rouge wave courtesy of Hurricane Igor, I remembered why I love landscape photography. 

After a jam packed week in trash town USA - see earlier post - Doug and I made a break from the city and headed South into my old stomping grounds of NC. Quiet evening shoot on Pea Island (Outer Banks) + some good North Carolina BBQ and sweat tea proved to be the perfect combo to wrap the week up...

D-Johnson gettin his ankles wet
your truly - courtesy of D-Johnson

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Evidence of your existence...

Virginia Beach is a fascinatingly strange place. While my reason for being there was to assist my good friend Doug Johnson on a basic photo workshop, I was also able to cut out time to spend a couple evenings exploring the back alleys behind 'the strip'. What went on behind the gaudy bustle of the shops and restaurants on the strip fascinated me. Drawn by glimpses of tired cooks catching a break, and the dichotomy of the seldom seen exteriors juxtaposed against the skyline of Atlantic Avenue I followed a trail of evidence that spoke of a different sort of existence...

the early birds
strange awakenings
hidden doorbell
the Poo Poo Inn
the fun house
just married

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What goes in your camera bag when you travel?

Room with a view - Sacred Valley of Peru. 125mm f8
 One of the coolest things about being a photographer nowadays is that given a bit of initiative, a laptop, a camera and internet you can work from anywhere in the world. Your office can fit in a daypack.
Per your recent requests, the following is a list of what goes in my camera bag when I travel:

 Camera Gear:
- Canon 5D MarkII body
- Canon L-Series 70-200mm (f2.8 IS)
- Canon L-Series 24mm Tilt- Shift (f3.5)
- Canon L-Series 16-35 (f2.8)
- Canon 50mm (f1.4)

The Blue Mosque from the Galata tower - Istanbul, Turkey. 200mm f2.8
 Backpack: Kata Bumblebee UL-222 (holds 2 bodies, 3 lenses, tripod and 17 inch laptop + misc storage). UL stands for "Ultra Light". This pack rocks. Light, comfortable, durable, and stylish.
Computer: 17 in Macbook Pro.
Software: Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5 
External Hard Drives: 2x500GB portable Hitachia rugged drives (type varies - but preferably someting that can survive being dropped and having beer spilt on it)

Greek Fisherman - South of Thessaloniki, Greece. 20mm f5
La Routa de Los Pueblos Blancos - Andalucia, Spain. 24mm f11

Gitzo 5 piece carbon fiber 6X series I Traveler
Really Right Stuff BH-25 Ultralight with quick release

- Memory Cards: Gepe waterproof CF card case with 50GB of assorted 8GB and 16GB SanDisk Extreme CF cards
- 2 stop soft edge split ND (Galen Rowell - Singray)
- Cable Release
- Sensor cleaning blower bulb
- Memory Card reader
- Model releases in English and native language of country I'm traveling to
- B+W circular polarizer
- Headlamp
- Copies of ID's and important documents
- Backup debit card
- iPod/headphones
- Outlet adapters

Fishing the Aegean - Istanbul, Turkey. 160mm f2.8

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My dirty little secret...

for the birds

...I sold my 5D mark II and got an iPhone 4! The days of the DSLR are numbered. Who wants to carry around one of those clunky things anyway? Not me! 

Ok fine I didn't really sell my 'for reals' camera, but I've been having a blast Chase Jarvis wannabeing around with the iPhone over the past couple of months and thought it was worth a post! 

glacier's remains
derby girls

paper airplanes
big and small
derby scene
back for more
Keep an eye peeled for the next post (I promise it won't take me two months to get this one up!) with images from this summer's photographic adventures - think Radio Flyer tri-cycles, super hero capes, 4 garbage bags of stuffed animals, a homemade raft, buffalo, granny panties, mayhem in the National Parks and more... 

*These images were taken using the "Hipstamatic" app for the iPhone4*