Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wet jeans and out of focus landscapes in the OBX

Somewhere between trying to remember how to calculate my hyperfocal focus and getting drenched in by a rouge wave courtesy of Hurricane Igor, I remembered why I love landscape photography. 

After a jam packed week in trash town USA - see earlier post - Doug and I made a break from the city and headed South into my old stomping grounds of NC. Quiet evening shoot on Pea Island (Outer Banks) + some good North Carolina BBQ and sweat tea proved to be the perfect combo to wrap the week up...

D-Johnson gettin his ankles wet
your truly - courtesy of D-Johnson


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Love the way these pictures make me feel.

  2. i love north carolina sweat tea. so salty

  3. well, thank you. I love the way that the north carolina coast and sweet tea make me feel as well ;)