Sunday, September 12, 2010

My dirty little secret...

for the birds

...I sold my 5D mark II and got an iPhone 4! The days of the DSLR are numbered. Who wants to carry around one of those clunky things anyway? Not me! 

Ok fine I didn't really sell my 'for reals' camera, but I've been having a blast Chase Jarvis wannabeing around with the iPhone over the past couple of months and thought it was worth a post! 

glacier's remains
derby girls

paper airplanes
big and small
derby scene
back for more
Keep an eye peeled for the next post (I promise it won't take me two months to get this one up!) with images from this summer's photographic adventures - think Radio Flyer tri-cycles, super hero capes, 4 garbage bags of stuffed animals, a homemade raft, buffalo, granny panties, mayhem in the National Parks and more... 

*These images were taken using the "Hipstamatic" app for the iPhone4*


  1. I always love sets of three. These are great!

  2. Forest, these are really great. Thanks for sharing. They are truly inspirational.

  3. Forest these are great! Cool to be experimenting with yet another medium, if you will. Thanks for always sharing your work. I love looking at it.

  4. Thanks guys!!

    Oh, and it's great to have someone commenting in English - I had 18 comments in Chinese after my last post :). I had been thinking to switching over to posting in Chinese, but I'll reconsider since it looks like there are still a couple english speakers following along.

  5. I'm send your link off to my friend Jen who thinks the iPhone is just for taking photos of her dog. Jen, just look what you can do! oh the iPhone, someday, Montana, someday.....

    love the Glacier ones!

  6. I met Chase late last year. He was Forest Woodward wannabeing all over the place.