Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Evidence of your existence...

Virginia Beach is a fascinatingly strange place. While my reason for being there was to assist my good friend Doug Johnson on a basic photo workshop, I was also able to cut out time to spend a couple evenings exploring the back alleys behind 'the strip'. What went on behind the gaudy bustle of the shops and restaurants on the strip fascinated me. Drawn by glimpses of tired cooks catching a break, and the dichotomy of the seldom seen exteriors juxtaposed against the skyline of Atlantic Avenue I followed a trail of evidence that spoke of a different sort of existence...

the early birds
strange awakenings
hidden doorbell
the Poo Poo Inn
the fun house
just married

1 comment:

  1. nice title on the "just married" one....haahaah love it.
    my other fav..."bored"

    and I would love to have a shoot at "hidden door bell" and "the early birds"

    great scene setting work F
    thanks for sharing