Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bonnaroo 2010: A Fan's View

Buckle up...

 Which Stage Crowd

The Other Tent

After the rains

sportsin it up between shows

The dressing gown crew

Afternoon nap
Hamocks + shade = sweet

In it

The Oasis

Magician or Dunce?

Phoenix at sunset

Phoenix crowd

Ferris's Wheel

Kings of Leon

Campground walk


Garbage can with a view

The Fountain

Flaming Lips fan

A tent full of beer. good idea

Easily entertained

Gumby and Darco danceoff

B.O.B. crowd

Silent Disco

Gwar victim

...and more

Sunrise at the Lunar Stage

Darco breaking it down...

Lot's more photos over on the good book fan page...


  1. forest there is a photo contest in billboard music you should check it out...

  2. I will! Thanks for the heads up Chad.