Tuesday, October 12, 2010


 Photographing my neighbor Trevor has served as a reminder to me of why I love what I do.

Hearing the buzzing of the needle one day, I wandered next door and, curious about what I found, asked Trevor if I could photograph him working. Prior to this we had only exchanged greetings in passing, but he invited me in, and over the course of the past couple of weeks I got to know a new friend. 

Trevor's story is fascinating. Too long to recount here, and not mine to tell. But getting to sit and watch his mind at work, witnessing his vision transferred onto skin, gave me a new appreciation for an art which I had little understanding of before. 

Time and again the camera has afforded me these sorts of opportunities to immerse myself, however briefly, into the lives of folks I wouldn't otherwise have known. For that I am grateful. 

Thank you Trevor.


  1. beautifully told. Love the light in this story as well!

  2. Yup, these were meant to be black & white!

    By the way, how do you have a "neighbor" when you travel pretty much year round? :)

    Nancy B.

  3. Really cool, Forest! Beautiful study of what Trevor is about! You really capture the essence of a session, it seems.