Monday, October 19, 2009

Chalkin' up in CO

Seven or eight years ago Blake and I put on construction helmets and chalked up for the first time. We then proceeded to conquer some epic 5.6 routes along the freeway near Portland. Since then, Blake's climbing career has accelerated at a remarkable pace. My career has been more low key; primarily climbing in and out of bed or up and down stairs.

After a 13 hour drive on Saturday + 3 cans of over caffeinated road rage, I arrived in Denver. Waking up Sunday morning to blue skies and a forecast of record breaking October highs we threw climbing gear in the car and headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park. Under Blake's tutelage I learned a bit about climbing cracks, and had a fun time dangling around and photographing Allison and Kerry as they styled Pear Buttress and the Bat City Crack.

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