Friday, October 16, 2009

A taste of winter in the old west

Last week a cold front left Missoula blanketed in white, and me lying in bed with the flu. Today marked the last day of career training here at RMSP. And so, with my obligations to the school fulfilled, and a hacking reminder of why I devised a plan last winter to chase summer around the hemispheres,  I'll begin my drive back towards the East coast.

Before leaving though, Athena, Mary, Tessa and I went out for one last Montana photo-play date. Butte is one of the most magnificently strange places I have been in MT. Once the largest copper boom town in the American West, today the old mining sector of Butte is a veritable ghost town. Skeletons of old mining headframes hang over abandoned shafts, and a giant red pit boasts the largest pit lake in the United States. We only had an hour and a half or so of light, but we made the most of it in frantic fashion.


  1. you are on your way forest. you are already better than a lot of folks in seattle who shoot for a living. roll on grasshopper, roll on.

  2. I love em Forest. Im glad you made it to Montana to experiance the old west beauty and hopefully you had some fun along the way. your an inspiration. Keep it up.