Friday, December 10, 2010

Holes in Walls, Forgotten Faces

 Based on what I observed in my first two weeks in Tokyo, everyone wore a black suit, walked with their eyes lowered, and worked in an office building.

Venturing out of the business district I found hole in the wall bars and sidewalk luncheons where faces were well worn but still laughing. Eyes that were wary, but still twinkled with mischief. 

Faces that were alive. 


  1. love how real these images are.

  2. Love these! Real life... so beautiful.

  3. that first image is my favorite of anything you've taken. and not just b/c there's a bike in it...though that helps.

  4. Thanks guys, and I love the real moments in these as well.

    @Tom ;)

  5. So adore your people photos .... you definitely know how to capture those moments ! 8-)