Friday, December 24, 2010

The Adventures of Larry "ninja" Poppins and the Upside Down Baby Elephant

After spending a month traveling, lypesing, goofing, befriending, drinking, and sushiing our way through Japan, it was with bewildered surprise that I found myself in Tokyo on my last full day with only a couple of real photo shoots to show for the trip.

In a panicked frenzy I grabbed all things good in the house and accompanied by my partners in crime (turned models) we headed for the rooftops and subways for a final day of shooting. 

Neighbors stared, necks craned, a helicopter circled, suits were ruffled, and feathers huffed, but our shared laughs and the resulting photos made for an epic last day in Japan...


  1. OH MY GAWD. Forest this might be my favorite post all year. Never mind...what am I talking about...I can't pick just one. Truly inspiring. You are a rock star.