Monday, December 6, 2010

Roadtrip to the birthplace of the Ninjas

After three weeks spent terrorizing the streets of Tokyo, Ivar and I made a break for the countryside accompanied by our long lost brothers Yusuke and Reo.

The ensuing road trip was epic in nature, and would find us huddled in a tent in a  high mountainsnow storm, relaxing in steaming mountainside onsens, chasing and being chased by monkeys, and trekking to the birth place of the Ninja.


  1. wow forest. these are spectacular. what a great trip...

  2. love it! Brings back a lot of good memories :)

    Shame we didn't catch the thunderbirds rocket actually launching from their secret Japanese forest base!

  3. @Ivar Hahah indeed, but at least it wasn't for lack of trying ;)!

    @Chad thanks dude!

  4. So much splendor in one set of eyes. Great way to start my day. thanks for the vicarious living!