Thursday, March 3, 2011

Postcards from Argentina :: Buenos Aires

This old antique dealer agreed to allow me to snap a single image.  Smart on his part, as I could have lingered a good while longer here...

A week spent wandering the streets of Buenos Aires left me with an appetite for more. A deliciously European city in terms of its love of fine food, wine, fashion and history, yet with none of old Europe's pretensions and all of the casual and vivacious Latin flare of South America.

San Telmo
My friend from Caracas + melted spoon musician

Watching, not waiting.
My new gourd
Buenos Aires skyline on a blustery day

San Isidro
Street Asado

New friends from the partido Radical who introduced me to Tucumán "choripan"


  1. Wonderful photos as usual Forest. Your B/W's are stunning. Are you using Silver Efex?

  2. Love 'em all but the last photo is my favorite!
    Nice job Forest!

  3. Thanks guys!

    @Josh Yes. For the last two shots I used Silver Efex. All the other ones are Lightroom. If I wasn't working of the laptop and had a faster setup I would do all of the B/W in Silver Efex.

  4. Watching is better than waiting.

    Love these shots and recent flood of little collections of words.

  5. It is AMAZING seeing all this familiar images from my own travels and most beloved of cities through Mr. Woodwards lens instead. Homesick.