Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Postcards from Argentina :: The Road North

On the road with my little (big) bro!
Long straight roads, seemingly endless expanses of desert, roadside scatterings of shacks, and momentary glimpses into the world slipping past the window of the bus. 24 hours on the road invokes excitement and a feeling of anticipation in some, and boredom in others. Personally I relished this trip north to Buenos Aires and the chance to sit back and soak up the Argentinian countryside as we moved through it. Curious also about the other motorists who headed doggedly into the setting sun behind us, I watched and snapped, gratified by the occasional 1/1000 of a second that momentarily froze that fleeting river of determined faces.


  1. Awesome man, I really love the third one.

  2. that second to last one really reminds me of road trips as a kid, packed car, are we there yet??